Work modes (normal/design)

Autom has two work modes:

  • normal mode,
  • design mode.

What are the differences? How to enter either of the modes? What are the advantages? Read on and learn more!

Design mode – benefits

With design mode on, you can access various extra options. Thanks to these, you can edit the existing files, as well as create new ones in the Autom format.

What’s that supposed to mean? With the design mode on, you can:

  • transform documents – from static to dynamic,
  • add new variables,
  • add new quick variables,
  • replace variables,
  • insert new elements,
  • create and insert QR codes,
  • edit elements.

Mode switching

By default, Autom operates in the normal mode. In order to switch to the design mode, you can:

  • hit the ON button,
  • launch it in the program settings.

Both procedures are described further on.

Opening the design mode

1. Open MS Word.

2. Hit the Autom tab.

3. Click the Design mode tab, as shown below.

4. The ribbon expands and you can select other options.

5. You can turn the design mode off at any time. Just repeat the procedure from point 3.


Next time you open MS Word, the program automatically launches in the normal mode. If you want it to open in the design mode, just follow the procedure described below.

Setting the design mode as default

1. Open MS Word.

2. Hit the Autom tab.

3. Hit the Configuration button.

4. A window pops up. Select the Autom view option.

5. Tick the Design mode always on option on.

6. To confirm, either click the arrow or OK button.


From now on, Autom will always launch in the design mode. To deactivate it, just repeat above procedure the other way round.