Autom mobile app configuration

Already got the Autom mobile app? See how you can configure it in a quick and easy way.

1. Open the app on your cell phone. The following window comes up.

2. Choose the Settings option.

3. The following screen comes up.

Read more about the following options below.

Cloud provider

When you click this, two server types appear:

  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

A separate window comes up. There, you can choose an option – just click the name and then OK. Want to resign? Click Cancel.

Advanced mode

Here, it is activated.

This option is particularly worth describing. It allows for a very easy management of source and result folders. What does that mean?
Well, let’s imagine that a few members of your team are working on one file. For each member, you can create a separate file, into which they put their work. Thanks to that, you would easily be checking upon their progress. There is also no risk that someone else deletes their input by accident.

The source folder can be set here:

And the results folder here:

What is the difference?

The source folder contains basic versions (the ones to be edited). The results folder contains the edited versions.

What does that mean?

Assume you’re supervising a team composed of 3 people. Let’s call them Jim, Andrew and Joseph. They should all keep you updated on their work progress. The problem is, they’re working on one file. Yet, with Autom this is no longer an issue.

Folder options allow for an easy division of the input of each and every team member. You can easily create 3 separate result folders.

Photo settings

Here, you can either turn on or off:

  • EXIF descriptions for photos
  • EXIF titles for photos
  • EXIF category for photos

In the photo size section, you can easily set the picture size. There are three options to choose from:

  • small
  • medium
  • large

After selecting the right one, just click OK.


Setting the Autom mobile app is really easy. And it also allows for much easier work with the program. If you’re looking to make your team work more efficiently just use the advanced mode.