Creating photo galleries

Building a photo gallery

Before you start working with a photo gallery, you have to create it first. You can do it in two spaces:

  • cloud,
  • library.

See how to go about it

Creating a gallery – library

1. Open the Autom task pane.

2. Click the Library tab.

3. Choose the New folder option.

4. Fill out the form. Hit OK when done.

5. Adding files to the new folder

a) select the folder and click it

b) hit the Add file to the library option

6. Choose the files you want to upload. Then hit Open.

7. Files appear in the folder.

Inserting the gallery into the file

See how easy it is to insert a gallery/single pictures into a file.

1. Open the Autom task pane.

2. Open the Library tab.

3. Choose the folder that contains the photos. There are two options:

  • insert the whole gallery,
  • insert single pictures.

Both options described below.

Inserting a gallery

1. Open the Autom design mode.

2. Follow the steps described in the Inserting gallery into file section. If you want to insert a whole folder, click the arrow.

3. A window comes up. Here, you can set the basic gallery parameters.

More detailed description

  • name – the name of the gallery
  • description – you can provide a description of the gallery here
  • grouping – upon clicking, you will see the following:

Styles are another element. Just click on it to be able to modify them.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a short text when you hover over a picture? Just click the arrows next to the elements. A dropdown list appears. You can now choose any style for:

  • title
  • description
  • category

By default, only the title and description are active.

Setting the number of photos

How to set the number of photos? Just use the buttons below. They allow for a quick and easy setting of the number of photos in a row (both vertically and horizontally).

Available ranges:

  • from 1 to 10

Resizing photos

You can resize photos quickly and easily.

Available ranges:

  • 100-1200 px

Inserting a gallery

1. Select the space into which you want to insert the gallery.

2. Select the gallery from the library.

3. Hit OK.

4. Wait for a few moments. The gallery appears in the file.