Autom mobile app – how can you use it?

Want to enjoy all Autom options while on the go? See how useful can the Autom mobile app might be. We designed it for your convenience. Read on and learn more about the app!

Would Autom work on my device?

At the moment, Autom can be installed to any Android device. We’re working hard to create an iOS version. Stay tuned, as this might be coming up soon.

Autom mobile app – options

See how useful can the Autom mobile app be. Here’s a list of things you can use it for:

  • synchronizing files – phone->cloud
  • browsing through the list of documents – managing variables
  • taking and editing photos
  • QR code scanning

How to download the Autom mobile app?

Getting Autom on your mobile is quick and easy. See it for yourself.

1. Open the website

2. Hit the button.

3. Hit Download.

4. Enter your name and e-mail address to get the link for activating Autom.

Google Drive synchronization

If you are looking to synchronize your Autom with Google Drive, simply mark that option in the program settings

Connecting with Google Drive

1. Open the Autom app, using your cell phone.

2. Hit the Synchronize button.

3. Google Drive will ask you about your credentials. Enter both the login and the password for the account.

4. If the synchronization is successful, the following screen appears.

You can log out at any moment. Just hit the button.

And choose the option Sign out from Drive.


If you ever want to synchronize it with a different Google Drive account, you would have to re-enter the login and the password.


Synchronizing your Autom with Google Drive means much smoother and easier file exchange.