Changing the gallery. Editing descriptions.

In one of the previous posts we showed you how to insert an Autom gallery into a file. This time you will learn:

  • how to change pictures in the gallery
  • how to edit descriptions

Changing the photo gallery

1. Open the root folder of the gallery. In this case, we would be using the files from the cloud.

2. Hit the button allowing to insert the gallery.

3. The following window appears.

4. Click the option Replace previously pasted object

5. A dropdown list appears. You can choose the certain object.

In this case, we’re going to replace the Photo album┬ápart. In order to check the name, simply hover over the gallery. The name appears in the left upper corner.

Hit OK. The new gallery replaces the old one.

Description editing

How to edit descriptions of various gallery parts? It’s a piece of cake. Read on and see for yourself!

Titles – what are they?

Titles are headings (names) you can give to any picture. In the screengrab, it is shown as the element in bold

Descriptions – what are they?

Descriptions for various gallery items is where you can put more information about the picture.

How to edit these elements?

Want to provide a title and a description? See how to do it.

1. Open Autom task pane.

2. Choose the tab where the gallery is.

3. Select the name of the photo you want to add the title/description to.

4. Click the editing icon.

5. Enter the parameters. Click OK when done.