Configuring the external resources using Google Drive

Shared resources – the advantages

How can you ever use the shared resources? Well, let’s assume that you cooperate with someone who has no access to Autom. Using the shared resources option, you can use Google Drive to share files with them.

How to do it? Read on and learn more!

Sharing resources

1. Open Autom task pane.

2. Choose the Cloud tab.

3. Choose Cloud folders.

4. Choose the New shared folder option.

5. Fill out the form. In the field Shared resources provider choose Google Drive. For account name provide the Google Drive login, from which you want to get files (in this case, we entered the one).

6. In the Root folder field enter the name of the cloud folder from which you get the files.

7. The folder is created.

8. Choose the Synchronize the default folder option.


External resources are another option that makes working with various files much easier. You can share files with anyone. They don’t need to use MS Word or Autom to share content with you! All it takes is just a Google account.