How to create a sub-document from a current document?

How to create sub-documents and insert them to an existing file? See for yourself!

1. Open two files

  • source (content for the sub-document)
  • main (the sub-document would be inserted there)

2. Select the part you want to export as a sub-document.

3. Click the Save selection as part option.

4. Choose the location on your computer’s hard drive. Save the file.

5. The sub-document appears in the Autom library.

Sub-document publishing

1. Open Autom library in the main file.

2. Choose the folder where the sub-document is located. In this case, it is the one called Autom.

3. Double-click on it. A list of files appears.

4. Hit the arrow. The following window appears.

5. The sub-document appears in the main document.

Summing up

Creating sub-documents is very easy. You don’t have to open numerous windows to create totally new content.