How to fill an Autom document in MS Word?

Autom has made both document creation and editing much easier and faster. Read on to see how it works.

1. Open an MS Word file.

2. Hit the Autom tab.

3. Hit the Document updating button.

4. Select one of the options (more detailed description under the image).

  • All – update of the whole file,
  • Variables – update of selected variables,
  • QR codes – update of QR codes,
  • Elements – update of selected elements,
  • Tables of contents – updating tables of contents (if present in the file),
  • Numbering – the numbering gets updated.

Updating one variable

1. Open the file in MS Word. Open Autom.

2. Move the cursor over the variable you want to work on.

3. Hit the Update tab.

4. The Autom task pane appears on the right.

5. The value gets automatically updated in all parts of the file.

How to convert an Autom file into a regular one?

You can do this in two cases:

  • in the current file (the one you’re working on),
  • in any file that contains Autom variables.

In this tutorial we describe the second case.

1. Open the file in MS Word. Open Autom.

2. Click the Clear from Autom tab.

3. A message pops up.

Two options:

  • OK – confirmation,
  • Cancel – canceling and back to the previous view.

4. If you hit OK, you get rid of all the dynamic variables previously provided by Autom.

5. DONE! Now, the file is clear of dynamic elements.