How to send a variable to a cloud?

We decided to describe this option because it allows for an easy data transfer in Autom mobile app. Basically, there are two ways of sending data to the cloud.

Method#1 – Adding to the shared resources

1. Open Autom task pane.

2. Open the Cloud tab.

3. Open the Cloud/mobile tab.

4. Select the cloud folder you want to send the file to.

5. Click the option Add current document to shared parts.

6. Fill out the parameters in a separate window that appears.

7. Click OK when done. Check the synchronization status.

As you can see, the current document has not been synchronized (yellow spot next to the file name). If you want to synchronize it, click the Synchronize default folder option. 

Method#2 – Sending files to the cloud

1. Open the file that you want to send to the cloud.

2. Open the Autom tab.

3. Open the Autom task pane and the Document tab. There are 2 arrows.:

  • receiving Autom document
  • sending Autom document

4. Click the Send option. A window with variables to choose from appears. After selecting them, simply click the button.

Variables have just been sent to the cloud. Now, you can manage them in two spaces:

  • in the cloud
  • in the Cloud tab.


This option allows for easy file exchange between the Autom app and the cloud. Plus to that, you can easily manage the files.