Creating photos – metadata and albums

With the Autom mobile app, taking photos and creating albums has become much easier. How to do it? Read on!

Taking photos

1. Open the Autom mobile app.

2. Click the Take photo button.

3. Camera just got activated. Take the picture. Then, you can accept it or reject it (in a separate screen that appears.)

4. If you accept it, you will get redirected to setting photo parameters.

Here, you can provide:

  • Photo title
  • Description
  • category

Also, you can create an album.

How to add albums?

1. Hit the editing button.

2. You can add as many albums as you want now. Just click the button.

3. Enter the album name in the marked field. Confirm when done.

What if you add wrong parameters?

Just hit the button and enter the correct version.

Are albums useful at all?

Yes, they are! Imagine that you are tasked with taking pictures of a few cars at a time. Grouping them into albums, you will have less hassle finding these pictures later!