Working with list of variables

How to work with the list of variables? What is there? Learn more by reading this tutorial.

  1. Open a file using MS Word.
  2. Open Autom.
  3. Open the list of variables.

What is there?

Description of certain elements:

  • the container – in this case, this is the main document. Below, there is a list of variables (like Author, File NO, Date)
  • variables – they may contain a dictionary in the form of a dropdown list. When you click on it, single entries appear. Here, they are single content elements, shown as variables (like the Maria Cornick, from the screengrab above)

When you click the variable, the list of variables appears in the lower part of the screen. Using this option you can:

  • choose variables
  • change their type (just click the arrow next to the Text)


There are icons next to the variables. What do they mean?

  • arrow – click it to insert the variable into the document
  • the downward arrow – click it to see the current value of the variable

Editing views

Using this option you can easily change the work context.

1. When you click on it, a list of options to choose from appears.

  • track selection
  • direct editing – you can edit variables through Autom task pane here
  • show details – the list opens and shows variable values
  • show preview – values of certain variables appear in grey


This option allows for an easy insertion of certain variables into the document.

Two options appear:

  • marking all variables (the all option)
  • marking visible variables (the all visible option)

Plus to that, you can mark all the variables manually.

To insert a variable into the document, click the arrow.

Update options

This option allows for updating:

  • all elements,
  • all variables,
  • all parts in sub-documents.

Data import

You can fill it out with data from selected document.

Other options

  • saving the file as an Autom document
  • sending the file to the cloud/mobile app
  • receiving the file from external sources

Transferring variables

You can easily change the position of a certain variable in the list. To do it, follow these steps:

  • click the lock button
  • select the variable and push it upwards/downwards

Here, we marked the Date variable.


Working with the Autom panel might be even easier. The app gives a wide range of possibilities when it comes to customizing the panel design.