Numbering – what is it?

This option allows to insert numbers into the document content. It is particularly useful when you are working on shared documents. Oftentimes, MS Word has problems recognizing formatting from other files. Using the function, you don’t have to worry about it. Your files would finally look clear and easy-to-read.

How to insert numbering?

1. Open MS Word.

2. Open Autom.

3. Click New numbering.

4. Fill the form out.

A detailed description below:

  • numbering style – here you can set the design of numbering list. Click on it to open a dropdown list. Click the pencil to edit the style.

See how many parameters you can set through this option:

  • numbering level
  • numbering style (dropdown list) – Arabic or Roman numerals
  • format – setting a certain symbol for the numbering

After entering the parameters, click OK. A new element appears in the list (we called it Numbering sample).

Insert the element – in order to do it, click the arrow.

Enter the text. If you want to add another row, just hit the arrow again.

Remember – this is only one type of heading. If you want to add other ones, just follow the steps:

1. Hit the button.

2. Choose the header type and name it. Hit OK when done.

Table of contents

1. Hit the button to insert table of contents.

2. Fill out the data.