About Us

Who We Are And What Autom Project Is

The Project

AUTOM PROJECT – the idea was developed from our experiences with real estate company market where people needed a fast tool to prepare a document describing properties and evaluation reports.

We prepared some simple applications for clients and soon we developed the idea of more complex solution allowing to prepare documents in more effective way.

AUTOM PROJECT is owned by Quark Team LLC.
All rights reserved.

The Company

QUARK TEAM LLC – is the company settled for realizing ideas of our team.

Our mission is: to provide our clients the best tools for optimizing their work so they can get back time and money.

We believe in: simplicity, quality and efficiency and these values are implemented in the code of our solutions.

The Address

If you have any questions please use the contact form or contact us using the address:

Pony Express Rd 810
82009 Cheyenne
Wyoming, USA