Short Video’s Presenting Autom In Action

Changes in the Autom User Interface

You can find different user interface in tutorial movies than in AUTOM software. It is because we made a few changes in UI. We are working on new movies, but at the time you can watch old movies. The options are the same just reordered and in some cases with different icons.
Please find out DESIGN MODE as an option allowing to create new dynamic documents.

What is AUTOM

Introduction Video

In this video you will discover:

  • What is the AUTOM
  • What functionalities it has
  • How you can use it
  • What is the basic working scenario

AUTOM Configuration

Basic settings

In this video you will learn about:

  • AUTOM Configuration
  • AUTOM Views Settings
  • Quick Sharing Settings
  • Regional Settings

Working with AUTOM

Fast Assembly of Documents

In this video you will discover:

  • Using a built-in doc form
  • Using a panel for doc assembly
  • Supporting functions for filling data
  • Fields shading options

Variable Fields

Transform static into dynamic

In this video you will discover:

  • Fast creating of variable fields
  • Defining variable fields
  • Inserting variable fields
  • Changing text into variable field



In this video you will learn:

  • How to create a Sub-document
  • How to add file to the library
  • How to insert Sub-document
  • How to insert parts list (folder)

AUTOM Mobile

Sharing data with mobile app

In this video you will discover:

  • Sending data to mobile app
  • The default location of files
  • Choosing variables to send
  • Populating data from mobile app

QR codes

Sequence of coded data

In this video you will discover:

  • QR code settings
  • Choosing data for QR coding
  • Inserting QR sequence
  • Updating QR sequence

Cloud Drives

AUTOM Library in the Cloud

In this video you will discover:

  • Defining Cloud Share Folder
  • How to synchronize data
  • How to add files to the library
  • Checking synchronization status

Variable Fields

More about Variables

In this video you will discover:

  • How to delete variables
  • Defining variable drop-down lists
  • Restoring deleted Autom elements
  • Sharing variables in documents